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Barely Domesticated Obstacles!

First of all, let me be clear in that I am not a professional horse trainer.  I don’t even play one on TV.   What I am is a serious amateur adult rider who is interested in almost everything having to do with my horses.  I enjoy many different disciplines which are based upon good horsemanship, kindness, and partnership, and love to travel with my partner in crime, a wild caught Mustang named Tim. I want to talk about obstacles because this is something I personally enjoy, and am very interested in eventually participating in Working Equitation, or National Mountain
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Barely Domesticated on ETS

Equestrian Trail Sports (ETS) in the Wine Country I wanted to jot down a few thoughts and memories of our experience early this month in Healdsburg, CA. My Mustang partner in crime, Tim, and I had a great time competing in our first ever Equestrian Trail Sports (ETS) event. The event was held over 2 days at Hoofbeat Park. I personally had a blast exploring a new-to-me area and facility, camping in my trailer for the weekend (camping!), and hanging out with my horse, my friends, and making new friends. There were also 6 Mustangs participating, which was so amazing. As
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