bulletEnjoy venues offering horsemanship and hospitality.
bulletMeet other equine enthusiasts and their partners.
bulletFeel comfortable about the places you can take your horse.


Stay in the loop!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Cherie over the past few years through horse events, and cannot find enough kind words to describe her ability with both horses and people.  She is honest, kind, charismatic and gentle in her training horses and riders.  In addition, she is able to communicate difficult concepts so that they make sense quickly and without unnecessary conflict .  I am very much looking forward to the upcoming trips with her and others! Doesn’t get better than this!   Jill Von Ilten  ~  Arroyo Grande, CA

Cherie has provided guidance and support for myself and my Mustang.  She is an amazing hostess and knows how to provide a safe, comfortable, and fun atmosphere for everyone and their horses.  I am really looking forward to our next adventures with Getaway Horseplay!

Sarah Dickinson  ~  Winters, CA

I have known Cherie for a number of years. We have been on many fun filled adventures! I am really looking forward to continuing the adventures with Getaway Horseplay!

Camy Etchell  ~  Las Vegas, NV

Cherie is one of the most knowledgable horse people I know. I am looking forward to going out and exploring new locations not normally available to the average horse rider. Getaway Horseplay will give me the opportunity to enjoy riders and horses who want to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors!
Sue Atkinson ~ Novato, CA