You may be Barely Domesticated if…

Although most of us Barely Domesticated folks know who we are and proud of it, here’s a little quiz to see if you’re truly Barely Domesticated  (or maybe you don’t even know it!):

1. your riding/work jean cleanliness is dubious, and debatable, and yet you wear them in the grocery store


2. your idea of “decorating” is putting pet photos on your Facebook wall


3. you give your horse a bite of apple, and THEN take a bite yourself

16050971 - young cowgirl and her friend eating an apple, low angle view

4. you have used Bag Balm as lip balm, or….


5. you have served Rocky Mountain oysters that you “harvested yourself” (Level:  EXPERT)

25753668 - testicles of bull in farm with morning light

6. your children (or grandchildren) call you in for dinner

7. your graduation tassel was made of hay twine


8. ball cap/cowboy hat is your “go to” hairstyle.

FullSizeRender 30

9. pet hair is considered a condiment in your home

10. your tack room is spotless, but your car…  not so much (housework is not under discussion)

stablemanagement    IMG_0031

11. you’ve ever used baling twine as a hair tie or belt.

Feel free to send your own “You may be Barely Domesticated if…”  Would love to hear from you!  Happy trails!

** special thanks to my muse, the original Barely Domesticated one, Jill Von Ilten