Oh No Someone Gave Her a GoPro!

Toys, Toys, Toys!  I may be barely domesticated, but I love toys, especially toys I can enjoy with my horse habit.  Which of us does not?

My dear son gave me a GoPro, and I used it for the first time when I rode in Novato, CA, at the Getaway Horseplay Obstacle Challenge Weekend (July 10, 2016) to document the obstacles, successes, bobbles, and progress.  I have been practicing with obstacles and was so pleased when my Tim made significant progress with some of the obstacles, and found some things we need to continue working on.

So here it is, my very first GoPro video.  If you have a few minutes, feel free to enjoy.

Next stop:  Paso Robles, CA for How the West Was Fun!

Ride em like you stole em!